Sumida ku, Tokyo Sumida ku Tokyo
Located in Tokyo our factory is celebrating its 64th anniversary this year. Our factory has revived dying techniques from the Edo period, 1600-1862, known as, Azumatakisome. Azumatakisome is achieved by using botanical dyes and various heating techniques to produce vintage colors. We are constantly ref ining and experimenting with ways in which we can create original colors.
Materials from the past applied to today’s US work wear Working with Gung Ho, a well know work wear company in the US, we have used Sashikoori, a traditional weave used when creating Jyudo uniforms, with Japanese paper thread to create our baker shorts. By incorporating the Jyudo uniform weave together with Japanese paper thread together we are able to produce a strong fabric that prevents odor from sticking to the material. T he label for this product is based on the Japanese national f lag the white background and red letters. JARLD has taken a special interest in this product and has given a lot of attention to this product. JARLD × GUNG HO Washi Judogi baker shorts
JARLD × GUNG HO Washi Judogi baker shorts
Raf i cotton t-shirt / JARLD × GUNG HO Washi Judogi baker shorts