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Bingofushiori is derived from Kasuri, one of the three major weaving schools in Japan. A specialized shuttle loom and a very high level of technique is required to produce Kasuri. Currently there are only two mills that are able to produce traditional Bingofushiori prof iciently in Japan. Bingofushiori a handmade feel and brings out a beautiful appearance. T he fabric is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. By incorporating a f lexible fold the Bingofushiori holds air within western clothing giving the fabric a cozy feel.

Traditional Japanese material and ingenuity mixed with vintage design Bingofushiori work shirt Bingofushiori 2B jacket Using traditional Bingofushiori, a smooth fabric famous for the tiny knots present in the weave, we are able to create a shirt and a jacket with an American vintage appearance. T his work shirt embodies JARLD’s ideal to fuse Japanese tradition with western design. Both the three sided stitching and manner in which the arm pit area is joined together reproduce a rustic and pleasing hem. T he fabric is comfortable to wear during damp springs and summers. You will f ind that the more you wear and wash, the fabric will become more comfortable. We have used the original ceramic button on left chest.
Bingofushiori work shirt / Bingofushiori 2B jacket
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