Yoshinogawa city, Tokushima Yoshinogawa city, Tokushima
T he factory which produces our baboosh specializes in interior slippers and shoes. T his factory uses a very soft material for the lining and anti-slip soles for each of their slippers and shoes. You will f ind that these shoes are very pleasant to wear while functional. In order to promote Tokushima Prefecture and the Awashijira weave our factory has created an original brand.
A blend of Tokushimafs traditional craftwork and Moroccan essence T he Awashijira weave was created more than a hundred years ago. T he Awashijira weave is known for its distinct creases and subtle graduation between the colors. Using the Moroccan Baboosh slipper as inspiration we use locally cultivated natural resources with the Awashijira to create a distinctive baboosh. On the toe box the wearer can f ind a message from JARLD. T hat message is, Life with a story. JARLD would like you to share our desire to blend the essence of Japan with the spirit of the west. Sukumo indigo baboosh Awashijiraori baboosh Cork baboosh
Sukumo indigo baboosh / Awashijiraori baboosh / Cork baboosh
Soft heather pile zip parka / Soft heather pile shorts / Superior pima cotton t-shirt / Awashijiraori baboosh