Otu city, Shiga Otu city, Shiga
Established in Otsu city of Shiga Prefecture in 1962, our factory was one of the f irst to weave gold into traditional Japanese kimono. From the techniques we have perfected weaving gold into kimonos. Using a machine that is able to work with the delicate Japanese paper thread, which is 1mm in width, we are able to create a fabric which is smooth as well as supple. Our fabrics are used in elegant apparel, soft towels and of course remarkable stationary Japanese paper fan.
Japanese crafts that continues to evolve with age Our Washi button down shirts and Washi Azumatakisome stoles are woven from a combination of Shiga prefecture’s f inest Japanese paper thread and pure cotton. T his combination of traditional Japanese thread and cotton creates a strong dependable material that is soft to the touch, breathable and helps to reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays. Working with Mai Sawaguchi, a Japanese artist who is known for her work with ceramics, we have also created original ceramic buttons for the Washi button down shirts. Washi dyed B.D shirt Washi Azumatakisome stole
Washi dyed B.D shirt Washi Azumatakisome stole
Washi dyed B.D shirt