Toyooka-shi, Hyogo A tough buddy-like back pack fit for heavy usage , made of durable high-quality nylon Cordura backpack 23,800 yen A made-in-Japan backpack manufactured in “Toyooka,” a town with a history of 1,000 years of bag manufacturing, featuring “BEATTEXR,” a made-in-Japan superstrong fabric made of ultra durable nylon yarns. e reliable and yet delicate craftsmanship, along with the manufacturer’s thorough quality control, can be seen throughout the entire product. Needless to say, the highest level of its quality is one of its most attractive traits.
Artisans take care of every detail; meticulous edge polishing results in beautifully f inished handles.
Sewing is fully done by hand; delicate and careful stitching creates a beautiful look and sturdy construction.
Like the leather bag shown in the photo, JARLD backpack will get a unique patina over years of use.