Kurashiki-shi, Okayama The eternal classic of casual wear that continues to mature with each use One wash denim pants 13,800 yen A pair of denim bottoms manufactured in the denim sanctuary and the pride of Japan - Kojima in Okayama prefecture. Besides the fabric and the fabrication and the rivets used, the pant pattern is also Japan-made to realize the perfect f it and silhouette. e silhouette is an easy-to-style Slim Straight. T his basic and yet sophisticated Japan-signature careful fabrication is a must-experience for all.
Fabric is cut manually with strict accuracy. Now there are less and less artisans who use this technique.
JARLD denim jeans are fully handcrafted, which adds an artisanal touch to its authentic design.
Denim jeans produced here have all the characteristics that def ine a great pair: silhouette, look and feel, and f it.