Sumida-ku, Tokyo The rare earthy texture resulting from meticulous finish using natural dyes 1.Azumatakisome sweat shake hands 7,900 yen 2.Takesumisome sweat shake hands 7,900 yen “Azumatakisome” and “Takesumisome” are the traditional dyeing techniques that have been performed by master craftsmen since the Edo period. is crewneck sweatshirt with an original graphic has a very soft hand-feel reminiscent of a vintage sweatshirt.。
A wide range of fabrics in color and texture are available. Dif ferent dyeing techniques are used for each fabric.
“Azumatakisome” uses coal, and “Takesumisome” uses bamboo charcoal to dye fabrics, which brings a distinctive look and feel only natural dyes can create.