Wajima-shi, Ishikawa An artisanal item with taste for everyday use Wajima chopsticks 各1,700 yen A pair of chopsticks made of natural wood and f inished with natural lacquer. One of the appealing features of the water-resistant and rust-resistant lacquer is its rich luster that appears with use. Adding a luxurious f inishing touch to the sophisticated black lacquer base are the graphics in gold and silver.
Painting is exquisitely executed by skilled artisans to produce beautiful Urushi chopsticks.
A long-established Urushi chopsticks shop, collaborates with an apparel brand for the f irst time in its 50-year history. Urushi requires careful handling, for it catches dust easily.
The space where Urushi-painted chopsticks are stored must be kept to the humidity of 70% at all times. The chopsticks standing in neat rows look fantastic.